Traveling Speech Therapy with Julia Kuhn: 7 Years of Travel - Episode 19

Julia is a Traveling Speech Therapist that has spent almost a full year in Hawaii. She has traveled for 7 years and is a prominent source of information in the medical traveling community! Listen to her must have's when moving to a new place, her sources of knowledge, leading a community, and her values of authenticity and transparency.

Episode 19 Show Notes

2:00 Julia's 7 Year Travel Story
3:00 The beginning of a Facebook Group and a Blog
5:00 Travel Networking
7:00 The change of travel culture
10:00 Should I remain anonymous asking questions online? 
13:00 The typical therapist profile 
15:00 Avoiding 3 month apartment leases
18:00 Must have's during travel:
Foam Roller:  
Target Coffee Maker:  
Rubbermaid Drawer Sets:   
22:00 Coffee Mugs and Momento's 
25:00 Digitalizing books:   
27:00 Cost of living 
30:00 Joe Smith of   
34:00 International Travel Stories
35:00 Travel info-
Highway Hypodermics:  
The Gypsy Nurse:  
36:00 Blogging info-
Smart Passive Income Podcast:  
The Blonde Abroad:    
Nomadic Matt:  
38:00 Remaining authentic
40:00 Moderating the keyboard warriors
41:00 Starting a blog 
43:00 Unemployment and medical travel
44:00 Goals for travel 
46:30 Dylan's Blogs-
How to Survive TravCon as a Newbie:  
4 Reasons to Attend TravCon Even Though You're Not a Traveler Yet:

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