Medical Travel in a Van: Mobile Home Series - Episode 20

Meet Sarah, the most interesting woman in the world! She is a traveling occupational therapist that commutes and lives in her van! In this episode we fully cover how "van life" can fit into the medical professions!

Episode 20 Show Notes

4:00 - All about the van

6:00 - Benefits of van life

11:00 - The hardships of van life

13:00 - Staying warm and Alaska mishaps

15:00 - Solar panels and battery life

17:00 - Yetti Cooler and cooking:

20:00 - Weekend adventures

21:00 - National Park Pass:

24:00 - Short Term Housing vs the van

28:00 - Podcasts and book recommendations


Dave Ramsey -

The Vanual -

32:00 - Best van life stories

37:00 - Living the minimalist life

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