Travel Relationship Series: 3 Year Travel Physical Therapy Spouses - Episode 18

Rachael and Dusty Loyd are traveling PT spouses. They have relocated many times including to their dream location of Hawaii! Listen to their trials and successes in the travel game, benefits of being a married travelers, and a hike that abruptly ended in a helicopter ride!

 Episode 18 Show Notes

3:00 – Working at Separate Clinics

5:00 – Flexibility in Job Searches

6:45 – The Making of Rachael and Dusty

8:00 – Pros and Cons of Working as a PT Couple

9:30 – Vehicles and Packing

12:00 – Working in Hawaii

16:30 – Health Insurance

19:00 – Lifestyle in New Locations

21:00 – Souvenir Shopping

23:00 – Packing Necessities  

25:00 – Myths of Traveling PT

27:00 – Video/Podcast/Book Recommendations

30:00 - CSCS

32:00 – Work Comp

35:00 – 911 Hawaii Hiking Rescue

44:00 – Good Communication for Traveling Work Couples


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