Traveling Contract Extensions and Culture Shock with Kelley London - Episode 3

Kelley London is a  physical therapist making her grand exit from the the travel career in order to settle down in L.A.

Hear what she has learned during her 2 years of being a medical nomad!

Show Notes Episode 3

1:00 How we met at Smart Success PT Live.

     Here's the upcoming 2018 event:

1:30 Our Mentors:

     Greg Todd

     Paul Gough

7:00 Information about traveling contract extensions.

10:00 What is overtime and hourly pay as a traveler?

13:00 How to handle hard experiences?

16:00 Earn physical therapy CEU's while traveling.

19:00 Why you should work with multiple recruiting companies.

24:00 The freedom to take time off between jobs.

29:00 The "two week notice" rule

Dylan Callier