Travel Nursing Basics with Andrew Craig, RN: Part 1 - Episode 4

Andrew Craig, RN is a traveling nurse with his wife Sarah. The duo can be found working in the same units during their travel contracts!

Listen to Andrew's advice to other travelers in this two part series!

Show Notes Episode 4

3:00 Andrew's Story and Traveling with his Wife
7:00 The Travel Nursing Breakdown
9:00 Can Nurses Travel Straight Out of School?
11:00 Andrew's First Day
13:00 Typical Travel Nurse Career Length
19:00 Recruiter Financial Incentive
21:00 Company Bill Rates
25:00 The Transparency of Contract Payment
26:00 How Do You Find A Good Recruiter?
27:00 How to Find A Good Recruiter
28:00 Laura Nomadicare: 
33:00 Should You Work with 1 or Multiple Recruiting Companies? 
34:00 Our Experiences with 401K's

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