Travel, Management, and Residencies with Dr. Jodi James - Episode 2

Dr. Jodi James is a physical therapist that used traveling to prepare for her residency in the neuro setting. Not only did she become a travel PT straight out of school, but she also took a management role in her first assignment! Learn how she prepared and how she took her board examination early to apply for residency!

Show Notes Episode 2

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4:00 Her experience as a novice traveler and manager.

11:00 Can anyone travel straight out of school?

15:00 How she took the boards early in order to apply for residencies.

17:00 The surprising need to be physically present in a state to apply for licensure

21:00 How she found her recruiting company

26:00 Her first phone interview

28:00 What is the biggest myth about travel PT?

29:00 Jodi's books: Atul Gawande

Being Mortal

Checklist Manifesto


33:00 Jodi's best traveling purchases: hammock; space bags

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