Travel Therapy in a Trailer: Mobile Home Series - Episode 21

Tiffney Touton is a physical therapist that travels with her wife in a 29 foot trailer! Listen to her journey from no experience in towing a large trailer to skillfully negotiating with RV parks!


Episode 12 Show Notes

1:00 - Tiffney’s Background
3:00 - Travel Trailer Costs/Savings
6:00 - RV Parks
8:00 - The First Time Driving with a Trailer
10:00 - Challenges of Owning a Mobile Trailer
12:00 - Benefits of a Mobile Trailer
14:00 - Favorite Travel Story
16:00 - Reception as a Traveling Couple
17:00 - Negotiating Contracts
20:00 - Books/Personalities/Podcasts
22:00 - Apps
24:00 - Extra Credentials and Negotiation
27:00 - If You’re on the Fence - Just Do It!

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