Travel Therapy and New Owners of a Fifth Wheel: Mobile Home Series - Episode 22

Travis and Julia are a travel PT couple that have recently bought a fifth wheel. Listen to their recent experiences of purchasing the trailer, a truck to pull it, and making a cross country road trip with little experience and a few mishaps! We also cover price ranges fir the big purchase and Harry Potter! 

Episode 22 Show Notes

3:00 Excuses to not travel
7:00 Buying a fifth wheel
9:00 Price ranges for a trailer
10:00 No experience driving a trailer! 
11:00 Intuition vs logical thinking
11:30 Blink by Malcolm Gladwell:   
12:00 Travel PT mentors, Tori and Devin! Episode 16:  
14:00 Setting boundaries
19:00 Networking at the dog park
20:00 Internet at campgrounds 
25:00 Items and Apps:
Google Maps:   
Car adapter:  
Mobile Printer: HP250 that has it's own battery   
27:00 Audiobooks 
29:00 Harry Potter House Quiz:   
30:00 Kaleigh Cole's and New Grad Travel Therapy  
33:00 Cross country mishaps pulling the fifth wheel 
35:00 The stress of a long haul 
36:00 Dylan's 4th of July story
38:00 "Everything works out in the end. If it's not working out, it's not the end."
39:00 Should I travel straight out of school?

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