Travel Relationship Series with Kim and Erran Gipson: 5 Year Travel Spouses - Episode 17

Kim and Erran Gipson have been traveling spouses for 5 years. They are world travelers, fitness fanatics, and entrepreneurs. Listen to their journey from luxurious living in a large house to minimalism on the road!

0:30 – How We Became Travelers

5:30 – “We Want Pizza!”

8:00 – The Minimalist Lifestyle

10:30 – Making Travel Videos

12:00 – Drone Purchase

16:00 – The Hardest Things to Get Rid of

18:30 – The Impact of Traveling on Our Relationship

21:00 – Pros and Cons of Travel

24:00 – Staying in Shape on the Road

26:30 – What I Cannot Travel Without

30:00 – Healthy Smoothies

33:00 – Myths of Traveling and How to be Successful

37:00 – Finding Contracts Together

41:00 – Podcast Recommendations

45:00 – Chris Voss – Negotiating As If Your Life Depends On It

47:00 – Advice for People on the Fence about Traveling

50:00 – Learning Experiences and Challenges

56:00 – Backpacking Through Asia

1:00 – Travel Life: Freedom in Scrubs Facebook Group

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Drone: “DJI Mavic Pro”  
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