Travel Relationship Series: Home Health and 1 Year Nomadic Couple - Episode 16

Tori and Devin are a couple that is 1 year into the travel game. After a rough start, they decided to both go into Home Health. Listen to why they are glad to make that decision and their advice to other couples wanting to travel in this Travel Relationship Series!

Episode 16 Show Notes

1:00 – First Traveling Job

2:00 – Home Health

5:00 – Mentorship in Home Health Setting

8:30 – Documentation in Home Health

13:00 – Productivity

16:00 – Making Your Own Schedule

18:00 – What I Wish I Had Known Before Starting

23:00 – The Benefits of Traveling with Your Partner

25:00 – Flying High in Sedona

30:00 – Travel Necessities

34:40 – #TravelPT

37:30 – Photography

40:00 – Advice for a New Travel PT Couple


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