How to Find Travel Housing Safe and Scam Free Using Craigslist - Episode 15

Gabriel Hershberger is a traveling Speech Language Pathologist, who is currently focusing on his passions for home health therapy, traveling, and entrepreneurship. Listen to his step-by-step process of how to safely find housing using Craigslist!

Episode 15 Show Notes

2:00 Using Craigslist to find housing

8:00 Commuting: Audible and podcasts

12:00 SNF equipment - or lack there of

16:00 The ups and downs of traveling therapy

17:30 Shout out to Laura Latimer of Nomadicare - see episode 10

18:00 Smart Passive Income, by Pat Flynn

The Foundation: “Starting From Nothing”

Mixergy, by Andrew Warner

The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer

The Ultimate Sales Letter - Dan Kennedy

20:00 Entrepreneurship

22:00 Investments and recruitment companies

25:00 Financial Freedom. Read the blog by Jared Casazza, The Fifth Wheel PT, on finances:

28:00 401k

29:00 The Foundation - scaling and growing a software business

34:00 Making money: Finding the solution to a common problem

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