Laura Latimer of Nomadicare: Recruiter Red Flags and How to Find the Best Travel Recruiters, Part 2 - Episode 11

Laura Latimer of Nomadicare is a traveling Occupational Therapist attempting to change the game of medical travel. Listen to her early learning experiences, how she meets locals, stays safe as a independent woman traveler, and her recruiter red flags!

Episode 11 Show Notes

1:00 Early confidence and unexpected experience
6:00 Consequences of leaving a contract early
8:00 Meeting the locals 
9:00  and   
11:00  for a local bucket list
13:00 Overseas travel and friendship 
15:00 How to be safe as a woman traveler
16:00 SafeTrek app:  
17:00 Safe Bracelets:   
18:00 Travel Necessities
19:00 Traveling Mailbox:   
21:00 Postcard app: touchnote  
23:00 Does travel strengthen family? 
26:00 How to combat loneliness with solo travel
33:00 Recruiter Red Flags 
40:00 Laura's plans

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