How to Become a Traveling Respiratory Therapist - Episode 12

Ashley Stenger is a traveling respiratory therapist that packed up, sold her house, and began traveling the United States. Listen to her stories about respiratory therapy, her favorite podcasts/books, and her suggestions for all travelers.

Episode 12 Show Notes

1:00 Requirements to become a Respiratory Therapist
5:00 The decision to travel 
6:00 Can I travel straight out of school as a respiratory therapist?
10:00 The orientation process
12:00 Productivity expectations
13:00 Should I apply for multiple state licenses in the beginning?
16:00 Tough situations in the travel world
23:00 What to do in a new location
26:00 Using social media to meet others 
27:00 Favorite travel experiences and Dylan's first time in Chicago
30:00 Tinder app and travel 
33:00 Dylan's most embarrassing Tinder story
34:00 Podcasts -
PaleoWomens Podcast:   
The Minimalists:  
Living Unconventionally:  
37:00 Apps and Websites- 
Trusted House Sitters: 
40:00 Books - 
You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero:  
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** by Mark Manson:  
43:00 For soon to be travel respiratory therapists


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