Laura Latimer of Nomadicare: Travel Payment Negotiations, Part 1 - Episode 10

Laura Latimer of Nomadicare is a traveling Occupational Therapist attempting to change the game of medical travel. Listen to her details of payment negotiation, her philosophy of finding your 'why' for travel, and motivation for those who are fearful to take the leap.

Episode 10 Show Notes

1:00 Laura Latimer's Travel Story
2:00 Traveling for location 
3:00 Nomadicare
5:00 Vagabonding by Rolf Potts  
7:00 School of Greatness Podcast  
8:00 The Alchemist by Paulo Cuehlo  
10:00 TravCon
13:00 Joseph Smith and Travel Tax
15:00 Bill Rates vs Pay Rates
21:00 Taxable vs Non-Taxable Income
23:00 Info on Tax Homes
25:00 Laura's home town 
27:00 Walk into the unknown... That's the whole point!
32:00 "Just do it!"
34:00 "Feel the fear."

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