Traveling Speech Therapist: Day in the Life of a Travel SLP - Episode 14

Gabriel Hershberger is a traveling Speech Language Pathologist, who is currently focusing on his passions for home health therapy, traveling, and entrepreneurship. Listen to his journey of maximizing the options that comes with travel healthcare and tackling the tough challenges of productivity in the field.

Episode 14 Show Notes
2:00 From SNF to Home Health
3:00 SLP California State Licensure
5:00 Travel SLP in the Home Health Setting
10:00 Is Traveling an option right out of grad school?
14:00 Honesty: The key when falling behind on documentation
17:30 “The Waffle”
18:30 Taking time off between assignments
21:00 What I wish I had known at the beginning - The Power of Negotiation
25:00 Fighting to keep your job at popular locations
27:00 Using Snapchat to find hot spots
31:00 Using the newbie card

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