Traveling Contract Negotiation with Dr. Kelli Berg - Episode 6

Dr. Kelli Berg has been a traveling physical therapist for the past 4 years. Listen to her top tips for contract negotiations and the experience that almost stopped her from becoming a medical nomad!

Show Notes Episode 6
1:00 Kelli's Story

6:00 What Kelli wishes she would have known 4 years ago

7:00 How she handled finding housing at each location. AirBnB:

7:30 Kelli's rocky start to her travel career and second thoughts

10:00 Hotel living

11:00 Lunch vs. Dinner vs. Supper

So Far... by Eminem:

13:00 Must haves for travel

19:00 Physical Therapy Compact Licensure Bill Explained

24:00 Tips for reading a new contract

26:00 Tips for salary negotiations

29:00 Health insurance when utilizing multiple recruiting companies

30:00 How to maximize your contract:

32:00 Traveling physical therapist salary

33:00 Travel PT myths

37:00 The "nay-sayers" of travel

39:00 Differences between states for medical practice

43:00 Living with multiple roommates

45:00 Make the Big Time Where You Are by Frosty Westering:

46:00 Pavel Tsatsouline

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