The Travel Interview Process and Strategies for Impairment with Dr. Jess Herren - Episode 7

Dr. Jess Herren is a physical therapist that traveled straight out of graduate school. She also has a visual impairment. Hear all her information on the interview process, how traveling led into a Sport Clinical Specialist Residency, and the mindset to overcome impairment!

Show Notes Episode 7

1:00 Dr. Jess Herren's Introduction
3:00 The Tax Situation and Tax Home
6:00 How Jess stumbled into medical travel
6:30 Flexibility for those unsure of what setting they want to do 
7:00 How Jess found housing as a student.     
8:00 How Dylan found housing as a student.
10:00 Jess' 1st clinical experience.
11:00 Questions to ask during the clinic interview
16:00 Mentorship during travel contracts
20:00 How to travel with a visual impairment
27:00 Running + Travel = Relationships
30:00 Travel Blogs
31:00 Pain Science and Sensibility:  
32:00 Jess' message to those hesitant to travel
35:00 How to handle ethical situations 
38:00 Hospital affiliated outpatient setting
39:00 Jess' must-haves for travel:
Trip Advisor -  
Roadtrippers -  
iOrtho -  
Nike app for mileage tracker -   
Mapmyrun -

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