Travel Financial Independence & Retiring Early (FIRE): Travel Finance Series - Episode 29

Dr. Jared Casazza is a traveling physical therapist with a passion for finances. Listen to this episode as we discuss financial independence, early "retirement," and easy calculations to determine the amount needed for retirement.

Episode 29 Show Notes

1:00 - Story of Jared as a Traveling PT

5:00 - F.I.R.E (Financial Independence and Retiring Early)

11:00 - Taking Opportunities

14:00 - Traveling Alone vs As a couple

17:00 - the P.R.N job (Choosing the best P.R.N jobs for you)

20:00 - 401K options and saving for Retirement

21:00 - More on F.I.R.E

25:00 - Tax home, Health Share Plans

31:00 - Credit cards for Travelers

36:30 - Plans for retiring

40:00 - Message for the listeners

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