Investing as a Medical Traveler: Travel Finance Series - Episode 28

Dr. Jared Casazza is a traveling physical therapist with a passion for finances and financial independence. Listen to this episode for our investment strategies, info on IRA’s, and options for 401k’s as a medical traveler.

Episode 28 Show Notes

2:00 - Options in Investing
4:00 - Investing in Brokerage accounts and stocks
8:00 - Investing Yourself
11:00 - About I.R.A's (Individual Retirement Accounts)
15:00 - Traditional vs Roth IRA's
20:00 - 401(k) Plan and HSA Accounts
23:00 - 401 (k) Advantages
26:00 - 401 (k) Transfer Options
28:00 - Preferred investments when working Part-time vs Full-time
35:00 - Other investing opportunities

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