Your 'Why' for Travel, Acting with Intent, and Growth Mindset with Brandon Leeker - Episode 32

Brandon is a goal oriented and forward thinker. He has an impressive resume working for a large tech company and managing multiple teams at a young age. I have also lived with him for the past year!
In this episode, we talk about not HOW to travel, but WHY you travel. Listen here for: questions to ask yourself before a travel assignment, exercises to discover your core values, and the building blocks to create a nomadic life that you want to live.


Episode 32 Show Notes

3:00 Your 'Why' and acting with intent 
5:00 Mark Manson: The Do Something Principle 
7:00 New Year's resolutions and goal setting
9:00 The "core values exercise"
13:00 Brandon's struggle with stuttering 
14:00 "What do you want to endure in life?"
16:00 Growth Mindset 
21:00 "Spend more time planning your life than a grocery list" 
22:00 Terry Crews podcast Terry Crews podcast:   
23:00 Being present and, "Walking with your nose up."
24:00 Personality Recommendations:
Grant Cardone   
Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habit  
27:00 Goals and Support

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