Traveling with a Newborn Baby: Dr.'s Ellen and Stephen Stockhausen of PTAdventures - Episode 34

Dr.’s Ellen and Stephen Stockhausen of PTadventures are traveling physical therapy OCS spouses. They also travel with their 6 month-old baby! Listen to their tips on traveling while pregnant, travels with a young kid, and their experiences as new parents and a new family!

Episode 34 Show Notes


1:00 - Ellen and Stephen’s Travel PT Journey

4:00 - Learnings and Experiences in Traveling

8:00 - “Negotiating” skill set as a Travel PT

12:30 - Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist Test

18:00 - Results of Continued Education/Trainings

19:30 - Hiking/Trail Marathon Trips

23:30 - Decisions of Traveling

25:00 - Traveling with a Kid

31:00 - Ellen’s “Being Pregnant” while Traveling

34:00 - Challenges ahead

35:00 - Myths about Profession and Traveling

39:00 -”Be the Ellen Degeneres” in Healthcare Practice

40:00 - Helpful Apps/Stuffs

45:30 - Talking about Contracts

47:30 - “Our Favorite Travel Stories”

50:00 - Is Medical Traveling meant for you?

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