Travel Trailer and Therapist Contracting in Antartica - Mobile Home Series - Episode 25

Dawn is a physical therapist assistant and a massage therapist that travels with her 22-foot travel trailer. Listen to her experiences of working as the only PTA in Antarctica! She also talks about her journey in Alaska and a terrifying Grizzly Bear encounter.


Episode 25 Show Notes

3:00 - Investment in a Trailer Home

6:00 - Benefits and learning experiences of Travel Trailer

10:00 - Trip in Antarctica

McMurdo General Hospital -  
13:00 - Apply for jobs in Antarctica -

15:00 - Nature of coming back from Antarctica

19:00 - Alaska adventures

22:00 - Guilty Pleasures and Sasquatch

24:00 - Alaskan Visits

26:00 - Grizzly Bear Experience

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