Travel in an RV and TravCon, The Traveler's Conference with Highway Hypodermics - Episode 39

Kay Slane has been a traveling nurse for 15 years and is a grass root of the medical travel empowering movement. She is the author of the #1 selling traveling nurse book, Highway Hypodermics. She has also founded Highway Hypodermics, an organization leading travel nurses to the best staffing agencies. Listen to this episode as we talk about the differences between mobile housing, the prices of each, and TravCon - The Traveler's Conference!


Episode 39 Show Notes

2:00 - Kay Slane's Travel Story in the 90's
5:00 - RV Travel and Home School
8:00 - Making Travel Work for Your Family
11:00 - Buying used vs new RVs
16:00 - RV, Fifth Wheel, and Motor Mobile Homes Price Ranges
20:00 - MTV Cribs and Pimp My Ride?
24:00 - TravCon (Traveler's Conference) Phil Light and Joseph Smith
26:00 - The 2008 Economy
31:00 - "Newbie or Old Bee, We Cater to You!"
33:00 - TravCon Registration Link:
35:00 - 6 Hours of Volunteering at TravCon to go for Free!
32:00 - Must Have's for RV Traveling: Cell Phone Booster
37:30 - The Unofficial Conference Traveler Meet-ups and Post- TravCon Crash

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