Personal Safety on the Road with Josh Hargrove- Episode 56

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Meet Josh, my longest friend that has multiple years of experience being a police officer. In this episode, we have a discussion of personal safety and addressing the unique challenges that comes with being a nomad. Listen as we talk about: vehicle safety, red flags when moving into a new area, being aware, and conceal/carry laws.

Personal Safety on the Road

Personal Safety on the Road

2:00 Safety Tips

2:30 Trulia:

5:00 Being Prepared

8:00 Being aware of your surroundings

15:00 Vehicle Safety Features

19:00 A discussion on alcohol

24:00 Conceal, carry and travel

27:00 Women and Firearms

33:00 Weapon proficiency

35:00 Conceal and Carry Phone App:

36:00 Be Safe App:

38:00 Safe-let App:

39:00 Noon Light App:

42:00 Video Doorbells

43:00 Lock-Boxes

45:00 Recording Devices

48:00 Dash Cam

50:00 Josh's favorite travel story

1:03:00 "The Good, The Bad, The WTF."

1:05:00 LT. COL. Dave Grossman Books

1:06:00 David Goggins

1:07:00 Cyber Security:

- 1password:

- LastPass:


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