Permanent VS Contract with Kristen Schulz - Episode 62

Hello All!

In today’s episode I am interviewing Kristen Schulz. Kristen has a unique experience in which she has worked as a traveler, permanent employee, and gone back to travel. Her unique experiences are perfect for listener’s who are unsure if Travel PT is the path they wish to go.


Episode 62 Show Notes

1:30- Kristen’s Journey

2:00- Getting Back Into Travel

6:40- Should I do Travel PT?

7:40- Virtual Mentorship

12:06- Going Back to Permanent Work

13:25- Illness on a New Contract

15:45- Be Clear on Terms of Contract, Communicate

18:05- Interview Recommendation

21:55- Kristen’s Favorite Travel Story

22:52- Something Kristen Wont Travel Without


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