Pediatric Travel Nurse and Fitness on the Road - Episode 44

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Alex McCoy of Fit Travel Life is a traveling pediatric nurse with a passion for fitness! In this episode we cover the need-to-know info for a travel pediatric nurse! Listen to the specifics of interviewing, negotiating, and red flags. We also cover Alex's fitness journey and tips on staying strong and healthy on the road!

Pediatric Travel Nurse Alex McCoy

Pediatric Travel Nurse Alex McCoy

Episode 44 Show Notes

3:12 - Work Shift as a Pediatric Nurse
5:00 - Experience Needed before Pediatric Travel Nursing
6:00 - Typical Orientation of a Ped's Nurse
7:30 - Biggest Things to ask during an Interview in Pediatrics
10:00 - Special Things to Consider on Negotiating
12:00 - “Red Flags” for a Traveling Pediatric Nurse
15:30 - Pillow, Socks and Pets
17:00 - Traveling with a Pet
19:30 - Books, Podcast, Blogs etc.
21:30 - Alex’s Blog
22:30 - Prep'ing for a Bikini Competition
24:30 - Talking about Diet and Macros
27:00 - What is Reverse Diet-ing?
29:30 - About Crossfit
34:30 - Night Shift Cycle
41:00 - Challenges during Traveling
47:00 - Alex's Favorite Travel Story

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