Paying $70,000 of Student Debt as Travel Physical Therapists - Episode 37

Dr.'s Geena and Garrett Cesca are traveling physical therapy spouses. After working a permanent job for two years, the emotional toll and realization that they were not paying-off their student debt was impacting their livelihood. They needed change and began their journey as medical travelers. Now, in just 10 months, they have paid off more than $70,000 in student debt! Listen to this episode to learn how they did it.

Travel Physical Therapists Pay $70,000 of Student Debt!

Travel Physical Therapists Pay $70,000 of Student Debt!

Episode 37 Show Notes

1:00 - Journey of Garrett and Geena
3:00 - Garrett and Geena’s Student Debt
6:00 - Talking about Student Debt
11:00 - Garrett’s Repayment Plan for Student Debt
12:30 - “How can I pay these?”
14:00 - The Power of Two
15:00 - Refinancing
17:30 - Reasons to Travel
18:30 - Travel Stories
22:00 - “Best things we’ve Learned…”
24:30 - Couldn't Travel Without It…
27:00 - Podcasts and Harry Potter Stuff
29:00 - Surprising Challenges
30:30 - Advice for aspiring and current Traveling PT’s
33:00 - Timeline to be Debt Free

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