Paul Gough: From World-Wide Travel to World-Wide Speaker

Paul Gough is a physiotherapist from England. After traveling with professional futbol team's, he then started his own business earning $1 million + in revenue. Now, Paul is a world wide speaker on business and a serial book author. In this episode, listen to how his travels influenced him to take the next step and become a person he "never would have guessed in a million years!"

Paul Gough: From Travel to Speaker

Paul Gough: From Travel to Speaker

Paul Gough Show Notes

1:00 Paul Gough's Story

2:00 Our 'Vice'

3:00 Certified Summer Chaser

4:00 Leveraging Time for Money

6:00 The Trade-off of Travel

7:00 "You haven't been to Spain"

9:00 Paul's favorite travel story

12:00 The Power of Persuasion

13:00 The Biggest Regret

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