PAN Travelers: The Association & Voice of ALL Healthcare Travelers - Episode 47

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Phil Light is an original influencer and pioneer of medical travel education and advocacy. He is the President of Professional Association of Nurse Travelers (PAN Travelers) and Founder of The Travelers' Conference (TravCon). Listen to this episode for: cheap legal assistance for contract disputes; current challenges that the industry faces; and what Phil believes every traveler should know!

PAN Travelers Association President: Phil Light

PAN Travelers Association President: Phil Light

Episode 47 Show Notes

1:00 Phil's Travel Story

2:00 Why did you decide to become an influencer?

3:00 TNT Travel Nurses & Therapists Forum:

5:00 The beginning of TravCon

8:00 PAN-Travelers: The association for ALL medical travelers

12:00 The big mission of education and advocacy

15:00 The benefits of a PAN-Travelers membership

21:00 Challenges of the travelers' association

25:00 Phil's favorite travel stories

27:00 "Life long friends at every assignment"

28:00 "It's the 'bad' assignments that make you a better traveler"

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