How to get a Good AirBnB Host and Living with Strangers - Episode 49

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Jaime Campos is an AirBnB host in the East Bay area. In this episode, we talk about what it is like to rent out a room in your own home. Listen as we discuss: what makes a good AirBnB host; what makes a good Guest; sharing cultures; and learning about Tequila and wine!

Episode 49 Show Notes

2:00 Jaime's background

4:00 The fear of becoming an AirBnB Host

6:00 Maintaining relationships with your guests

8:00 Messaging on the AirBnB App

10:00 Connecting with your housemates

12:00 House Rules

14:00 AirBnB Disputes

19:00 "Tasting the Mexican Flag"

20:00 A history of Tequila

22:00 How to correctly drink wine

26:00 Disney's Coco:

28:00 Dia de los Muertos

29:00 James Bond parade scene:

30:00 Arroz con Leche


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