How to be a Travel IR Technologist with Erran Gipson - Episode 42

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Erran Gipson of Travel Life: Freedom in Scrubs has been a travel IR Technologist for 5+ years! He has also been the manager of several departments in charge of hiring travelers. Listen to this episode to learn his tips of getting started and Erran's top 4 questions to ask during the interview! We also cover team atmosphere, contract negotiations, and red flags. Stick around at the end for Kim and Erran's exciting resource for all travelers!

How to be a Travel IR Tech

How to be a Travel IR Tech

Episode 42 Show Notes

2:00 What is an Interventional Radiology?

4:00 Interventional Radiology Technologist

6:00 Technologist or Technician?

9:00 Dylan's Kindergarten Naps

12:00 How long until an IR Tech can travel?

14:00 Traveling and Clinical Skills

16:00 Stress as a Traveler

18:00 ICU Nurse Relationships

20:00 What to Expect on the First Day

22:00 What does Orientation look like for a Traveling IR Tech?

23:00 Top 4 Questions to Ask During the Interview

25:00 Team Atmosphere for Interventional Radiology

26:00 Must Have's for Contract Negotiation

28:00 Red Flags for an IR Technologist

29:00 TV Show: Without a Scalpel

32:00 Resource for Travelers!

38:00 How Kim and Erran began Helping other Travelers

42:00 Investing in Yourself

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