Goals and Means of a Medical Traveler - Episode 60

Hello all! In this episode I discuss goals and means as they relate to travelers. We will look at three separate case studies with entirely different goals, but, with having their goals in mind, can create the means to do so. I encourage everyone to sit down and think about your goals after today's episode, and may it propel you towards your future. 

Medical Travel Goals

Medical Travel Goals

1:40- Having Goals Gives Direction
5:15- Case Study 1, “The Traveler Who Wants To See The World”
6:20- Stuck In The Means Of Acquiring The Goal
7:40- Case Study 2, “The Traveler Who Wants To Open A Clinic”
11:00- Case Study 3, “The Traveler Who Wants a Dream Man”
12:20- Lonely Travelers
14:05- Hiking, Angel Island
15:45- Sit Down And Come Up With Your Goals

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Dylan Callier