11 Reasons to Travel, 1 Reason Not to: Travel Blogger Series - Episode 75

Today’s episode is all about why you SHOULD travel, with a little but of why you shouldn’t (hint: there’s not many reasons not to). Join me as I discuss “11 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Travel PT, and 1 Why Not,” a blog entry by Stephen Stockhausen of ptadventures.com.



1:30- https://ptadventures.com/11-reasons-why-1-reason-why-not/

2:50- Learn from More Clinicians

9:00- Live in Cooler Places

10:55- Pay Off Student Loans

12:10- Live Near Family and Friends

13:05- Expand Your Comfort Zone

15:00- Grow Clinical Experience

18:50- Make Friends Across the Country

20:00- Travel the World

21:40- Avoid Burnout

23:40- Write a Bigger Story

26:22-Travel PT Needs YOU

29:45- Reason Why You Shouldn’t Travel


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Dylan Callier