Ep. 8 Traveling Surgical Tech Part 1

                                                        Show Notes Episode 8

Today's guest is a surgical technologist that has been a medical traveler for 2 years. She has a unique history of travel and loves her fur babies. Listen to what she has to say about the profession, her wanderlust, and favorite apps that help her along the way!

2:00 Surgical technicians and travel
4:00 2 years as a medical traveler
5:00 Bone chilling areas of the North
6:00 Can a surgical tech travel straight out of school?
8:00 Patient demographics per area
9:00 Air travel not that long ago...
12:00 Family history
13:00 The mafia
15:00 Two, 13-week contracts per year
17:00 Dating and the travel lifestyle

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Ep. 7 Dr. Jess Herren: The Travel Interview Process and Strategies for Impairment

Show Notes Episode 7

Dr. Jess Herren is a physical therapist that traveled straight out of graduate school. She also has a visual impairment. Hear all her information on the interview process, how traveling led into a Sport Clinical Specialist Residency, and the mindset to overcome impairment!

1:00 Dr. Jess Herren's Introduction
3:00 The Tax Situation and Tax Home
4:00 www.traveltax.com
6:00 How Jess stumbled into medical travel
6:30 Flexibility for those unsure of what setting they want to do
7:00 How Jess found housing as a student. www.airbnb.com    
8:00 How Dylan found housing as a student.
10:00 Jess' 1st clinical experience.
11:00 Questions to ask during the clinic interview
16:00 Mentorship during travel contracts
20:00 How to travel with a visual impairment
27:00 Running + Travel = Relationships
30:00 Travel Blogs
31:00 Pain Science and Sensibility: http://ptpodcast.com/podcasts/pain-science-and-sensibility/ 
32:00 Jess' message to those hesitant to travel
35:00 How to...

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Ep. 6 Dr. Kelli Berg: Traveling Contract Negotiation

Show Notes Episode 6

Dr. Kelli Berg has been a traveling physical therapist for the past 4 years. Listen to her top tips for contract negotiations and the experience that almost stopped her from becoming a medical nomad!

1:00 Kelli's Story

6:00 What Kelli wishes she would have known 4 years ago

7:00 How she handled finding housing at each location. AirBnB: https://www.airbnb.com/

7:30 Kelli's rocky start to her travel career and second thoughts

10:00 Hotel living

11:00 Lunch vs. Dinner vs. Supper

So Far... by Eminem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc1-Cs90pBU&list=RDkc1-Cs90pBU

13:00 Must haves for travel

19:00 Physical Therapy Compact Licensure Bill Explained

24:00 Tips for reading a new contract

26:00 Tips for salary negotiations

29:00 Health insurance when utilizing multiple recruiting companies

30:00 How to maximize your contract: https://gsa.gov/

32:00 Traveling physical therapist salary

33:00 Travel PT myths

37:00 The "nay-sayers" of travel

39:00 Differences between...

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Ep. 5 Andrew Craig, RN: Travel Nursing Basics Part 2

Show Notes Episode 5

Andrew Craig, RN is a traveling nurse with his wife Sarah. The duo can be found working in the same units during their travel contracts!

Listen to Andrew's advice to other travelers in this two part series!

6:00 Marvel and Spider-man
9:00 Nerdy banter about movie theaters
12:00 Andrew's Gift to his wife
13:00 Andrew's upcoming and unrated podcast
17:00 Traveling and Family Life
19:00 The 1% of Medical Traveling
25:00 The 50 Mile Myth for Tax Homes
27:00 Myths Surrounding Tax Homes
33:00 Travel Tax and Joseph Smith
34:00 How to contact Andrew:
How to contact Andrew:
Email: [email protected] 
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCShFp4-n3P3dfgc1nSa0CGw
Website: www.andrewcraigrn.com

NMN Podcast: www.newmedicalnomads.com/p/podcast

NMN Safe community for medical traveling questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newmedicalnomads/

NMNP Page for the latest episodes: https://www.facebook.com/NMNPodcast/

NMN Youtube Channel: ...

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Ep. 4 Andrew Craig, RN: Travel Nursing Basics Part 1

Show Notes Episode 4
Andrew Craig, RN is a traveling nurse with his wife Sarah. The duo can be found working in the same units during their travel contracts!

Listen to Andrew's advice to other travelers in this two part series!

3:00 Andrew's Story and Traveling with his Wife
7:00 The Travel Nursing Breakdown
9:00 Can Nurses Travel Straight Out of School?
11:00 Andrew's First Day
13:00 Typical Travel Nurse Career Length
19:00 Recruiter Financial Incentive
21:00 Company Bill Rates
25:00 The Transparency of Contract Payment
26:00 How Do You Find A Good Recruiter?
27:00 How to Find A Good Recruiter
28:00 Laura Nomadicare: https://www.facebook.com/LauraNomadicare
33:00 Should You Work with 1 or Multiple Recruiting Companies?
34:00 Our Experiences with 401K's

How to contact Andrew:
Email: [email protected] 
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCShFp4-n3P3dfgc1nSa0CGw
Website: www.andrewcraigrn.com

NMN Podcast: www.newmedicalnomads.com

NMN Safe community for medical traveling...

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Ep. 3 Kelley London: Traveling Contract Extensions and Culture Shock


Show Notes Episode 3

Kelley London is a  physical therapist making her grand exit from the the travel career in order to settle down in L.A.

Hear what she has learned during her 2 years of being a medical nomad!

1:00 How we met at Smart Success PT Live.

     Here's the upcoming 2018 event: https://www.gregtoddtv.com/a/4349/KeSQeLqK

1:30 Our Mentors:

     Greg Todd https://www.facebook.com/theptbuilder/

     Paul Gough https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674959606

7:00 Information about traveling contract extensions.

10:00 What is overtime and hourly pay as a traveler?

13:00 How to handle hard experiences?

16:00 Earn physical therapy CEU's while traveling. http://www.physicaltherapy.com/

19:00 Why you should work with multiple recruiting companies.

24:00 The freedom to take time off between jobs.

29:00 The "two week notice" rule

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Ep. 2 Dr. Jodi James: Travel, Management, and Residencies


Show Notes Episode 2

Dr. Jodi James is a physical therapist that used traveling to prepare for her residency in the neuro setting. Not only did she become a travel PT straight out of school, but she also took a management role in her first assignment! Learn how she prepared and how she took her board examination early to apply for residency!

***The company mentioned in this episode is neither a sponsor or affiliate of the show***

4:00 Her experience as a novice traveler and manager.

11:00 Can anyone travel straight out of school?

15:00 How she took the boards early in order to apply for residencies.

17:00 The surprising need to be physically present in a state to apply for licensure

21:00 How she found her recruiting company

26:00 Her first phone interview

28:00 What is the biggest myth about travel PT?

29:00 Jodi's books: Atul Gawande

Being Mortal http://amzn.to/2t3C7uF

Checklist Manifesto http://amzn.to/2tsLzHG

Better http://amzn.to/2t3n58j

33:00 Jodi's best traveling...

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Inaugural Edition of The New Medical Nomads Podcast

Show Notes Episode 1

Hello all you medical travelers, vagabonds, and nomads!

Welcome to the New Medical Nomads Podcast!

This is the inaugural edition of many episodes about all information related to medical traveling. I am Dr. Dylan Callier, a physical therapist just starting on my journey as a travel PT. This first episode I describe who this podcast will be for, why I started it, and my story.

So whether you are a traveling physical therapist, occupational therapist, physicians assistant, any other medical provider, or new to the idea of being a medical traveler... this is for you!

I am so excited to get started. Thank you for joining me as we all follow our wanderlust! :)

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