Ep. 20 Sarah Taggart: Medical Travel in a Van - Mobile Home Series


Show Notes Episode 20

Meet Sarah, the most interesting woman in the world! She is a traveling occupational therapist that commutes and lives in her van! In this episode we fully cover how "van life" can fit into the medical professions!

4:00 - All about the van

6:00 - Benefits of van life

11:00 - The hardships of van life

13:00 - Staying warm and Alaska mishaps

15:00 - Solar panels and battery life

17:00 - Yetti Cooler and cooking: https://www.yeti.com/hard-coolers

20:00 - Weekend adventures

21:00 - National Park Pass: https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/pas...

24:00 - Short Term Housing vs the van

28:00 - Podcasts and book recommendations

S-Town https://stownpodcast.org

Dave Ramsey - https://www.daveramsey.com/blog/how-t...

The Vanual - http://thevanual.com

32:00 - Best van life stories

37:00 - Living the minimalist life

Contact Sarah:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinyvanbigli...

Instagram: @tinyvan.bigliving  Blog: Tinyvanbigliving.com

Podcast: ...

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Ep. 19 Julia Kuhn: Networking and Culture After 7 Years of Travel

Julia is a Traveling Speech Therapist that has spent almost a full year in Hawaii. She has traveled for 7 years and is a prominent source of information in the medical traveling community! Listen to her must have's when moving to a new place, her sources of knowledge, leading a community, and her values of authenticity and transparency.

2:00 Julia's 7 Year Travel Story
3:00 The beginning of a Facebook Group and a Blog
5:00 Travel Networking
7:00 The change of travel culture
10:00 Should I remain anonymous asking questions online?
13:00 The typical therapist profile
15:00 Avoiding 3 month apartment leases
18:00 Must have's during travel:
Foam Roller: http://amzn.to/2j66LzY 
Target Coffee Maker: http://bit.ly/2zeR1Wk 
Rubbermaid Drawer Sets: http://bit.ly/2B1pepw  
22:00 Coffee Mugs and Momento's
25:00 Digitalizing books: http://1dollarscan.com  
27:00 Cost of living
30:00 Joe Smith of http://traveltax.com/  
34:00 International Travel Stories
35:00 Travel info-

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Ep. 18 Rachael and Dusty Loyd: 3 Year Travel Spouses - Travel Relationship Series

Rachael and Dusty Loyd are traveling PT spouses. They have relocated many times including to their dream location of Hawaii! Listen to their trials and successes in the travel game, benefits of being a married travelers, and a hike that abruptly ended in a helicopter ride!


3:00 – Working at Separate Clinics

5:00 – Flexibility in Job Searches

6:45 – The Making of Rachael and Dusty

8:00 – Pros and Cons of Working as a PT Couple

9:30 – Vehicles and Packing

12:00 – Working in Hawaii

16:30 – Health Insurance

19:00 – Lifestyle in New Locations

21:00 – Souvenir Shopping

23:00 – Packing Necessities  

25:00 – Myths of Traveling PT

27:00 – Video/Podcast/Book Recommendations

30:00 - CSCS

32:00 – Work Comp

35:00 – 911 Hawaii Hiking Rescue

44:00 – Good Communication for Traveling Work Couples


To find local breweries while traveling: https://untappd.com

ET the Hip-Hop Preacher:...

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Ep. 17 Kim and Erran Gipson: 5 Year Travel Spouses - Travel Relationship Series

Kim and Erran Gipson have been traveling spouses for 5 years. They are world travelers, fitness fanatics, and entrepreneurs. Listen to their journey from luxurious living in a large house to minimalism on the road!

0:30 – How We Became Travelers

5:30 – “We Want Pizza!”

8:00 – The Minimalist Lifestyle

10:30 – Making Travel Videos

12:00 – Drone Purchase

16:00 – The Hardest Things to Get Rid of

18:30 – The Impact of Traveling on Our Relationship

21:00 – Pros and Cons of Travel

24:00 – Staying in Shape on the Road

26:30 – What I Cannot Travel Without

30:00 – Healthy Smoothies

33:00 – Myths of Traveling and How to be Successful

37:00 – Finding Contracts Together

41:00 – Podcast Recommendations

45:00 – Chris Voss – Negotiating As If Your Life Depends On It

47:00 – Advice for People on the Fence about Traveling

50:00 – Learning Experiences and Challenges

56:00 –...

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Ep. 16 Tori Heckendorn and Devin Reilley: Home Health and 1 Year Nomadic Couple - Travel Relationship Series

Tori and Devin are a couple that is 1 year into the travel game. After a rough start, they decided to both go into Home Health. Listen to why they are glad to make that decision and their advice to other couples wanting to travel in this Travel Relationship Series!

1:00 – First Traveling Job

2:00 – Home Health

5:00 – Mentorship in Home Health Setting

8:30 – Documentation in Home Health

13:00 – Productivity

16:00 – Making Your Own Schedule

18:00 – What I Wish I Had Known Before Starting

23:00 – The Benefits of Traveling with Your Partner

25:00 – Flying High in Sedona

30:00 – Travel Necessities

34:40 – #TravelPT

37:30 – Photography

40:00 – Advice for a New Travel PT Couple


Waze App - https://www.waze.com


Travel PT Photographer - @Adventuruss_pt

Tori an Devin's Dog: @traveling_gsp

Tori Heckendorn: @tori_heck

Devin Reilley: @devinreilley

The New Medical Nomads...

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Ep. 15 Gabriel Hershberger, SLP Part 2: How to Find Housing Safe and Scam Free Using Craigslist

Gabriel Hershberger is a traveling Speech Language Pathologist, who is currently focusing on his passions for home health therapy, traveling, and entrepreneurship. Listen to his step-by-step process of how to safely find housing using Craigslist!

2:00 Using Craigslist to find housing

8:00 Commuting: Audible and podcasts

12:00 SNF equipment - or lack thereof

16:00 The ups and downs of traveling therapy

17:30 Shout out to Laura Latimer of Nomadicare - see episode 10

18:00 Smart Passive Income, by Pat Flynn https://www.smartpassiveincome.com

The Foundation: “Starting From Nothing” https://thefoundation.com/?splash_dis...

Mixergy, by Andrew Warner https://mixergy.com/about/

The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer https://www.amazon.com/Untethered-Sou...

The Ultimate Sales Letter - Dan Kennedy https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Sales...

20:00 Entrepreneurship

22:00 Investments and recruitment companies

25:00 Financial Freedom. Read the blog by Jared Casazza, The Fifth Wheel PT, on...

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Ep. 14 Gabriel Hershberger, SLP Part 1: The Life of a Traveling Speech Therapist

Gabriel Hershberger is a traveling Speech Language Pathologist, who is currently focusing on his passions for home health therapy, traveling, and entrepreneurship. Listen to his journey of maximizing the options that comes with travel healthcare and tackling the tough challenges of productivity in the field.

2:00 From SNF to Home Health
3:00 SLP California State Licensure
5:00 Travel SLP in the Home Health Setting
10:00 Is Traveling an option right out of grad school?
14:00 Honesty: The key when falling behind on documentation
17:30 “The Waffle”
18:30 Taking time off between assignments
21:00 What I wish I had known at the beginning - The Power of Negotiation
25:00 Fighting to keep your job at popular locations
27:00 Using Snapchat to find hot spots
31:00 Using the newbie card

Contact Gabriel:
Podcast: 20 Mile March, by Gabriel Hershberger: https://twenty-mile-march.com  
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tghershberger  
Email: [email protected]  

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Ep. 13 Ashley Lemanski: TravCon - The Travelers Conference for Medical Professionals

Ashley Lemanski is a traveling occupational therapy assistant. In this episode we talk about TravCon, the traveler's conference. This was the 10th annual TravCon, but our first time attending. We talk about our amazing experience and list recommendations for those planning on attending for the first time.

2:00 What is TravCon? https://travelersconference.com/ 
3:00 Cost of the travel conference
8:00 Newbie Boot Camp
21:00 The big take aways
33:00 TravCon ROI (return of investment)

Podcast: www.newmedicalnomads.com

Safe community for medical traveling questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newmedicalnomads/

Page for the latest episodes: https://www.facebook.com/NMNPodcast/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6611EoYBQx3u_b18T5CJMA

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/new-medical-nomads-podcast/id1265522986?mt=2&i=1000391236726

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Ep. 12 Ashley Stenger: How to Become a Traveling Respiratory Therapist

Ashley Stenger is a traveling respiratory therapist that packed up, sold her house, and began traveling the United States. Listen to her stories about respiratory therapy, her favorite podcasts/books, and her suggestions for all travelers.

1:00 Requirements to become a Respiratory Therapist
5:00 The decision to travel
6:00 Can I travel straight out of school as a respiratory therapist?
10:00 The orientation process
12:00 Productivity expectations
13:00 Should I apply for multiple state licenses in the beginning?
16:00 Tough situations in the travel world
23:00 What to do in a new location
26:00 Using social media to meet others
27:00 Favorite travel experiences and Dylan's first time in Chicago
30:00 Tinder app and travel tinder.com
33:00 Dylan's most embarrassing Tinder story
34:00 Podcasts -
GirlsGoneWOD: http://girlsgonewodpodcast.com/ 
PaleoWomens Podcast: http://paleoforwomen.com/category/podcast/  
The Minimalists: https://www.theminimalists.com/podcast/ 

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Ep. 11 Laura Latimer Part 2: How to Find Good Travel Recruiters and Red Flags

Laura Latimer of Nomadicare is a traveling Occupational Therapist attempting to change the game of medical travel. Listen to her early learning experiences, how she meets locals, stays safe as a independent woman traveler, and her recruiter red flags!

1:00 Early confidence and unexpected experience
6:00 Consequences of leaving a contract early
8:00 Meeting the locals
9:00 www.eventbrite.com  and www.meetup.com  
11:00 www.fiverr.com  for a local bucket list
13:00 Overseas travel and friendship
15:00 How to be safe as a woman traveler
16:00 SafeTrek app: https://www.safetrekapp.com/ 
17:00 Safe Bracelets: http://safelet.com/  
18:00 Travel Necessities
19:00 Traveling Mailbox: https://travelingmailbox.com/  
21:00 Postcard app: touchnote https://www.touchnote.com/us/ 
23:00 Does travel strengthen family?
26:00 How to combat loneliness with solo travel
33:00 Recruiter Red Flags
40:00 Laura's plans

Contact Laura:
Website: www.Nomadicare.com 
Laura's Pay...

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