Ep. 44 Alex McCoy: Pediatric Travel Nurse Specifics and Fitness on the Road

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Show Notes Episode 44

Alex McCoy of Fit Travel Life is a traveling pediatric nurse with a passion for fitness! In this episode we cover the need-to-know info for a travel pediatric nurse! Listen to the specifics of interviewing, negotiating, and red flags. We also cover Alex's fitness journey and tips on staying strong and healthy on the road!

3:12 - Work Shift as a Pediatric Nurse
5:00 - Experience Needed before Pediatric Travel Nursing
6:00 - Typical Orientation of a Ped's Nurse
7:30 - Biggest Things to ask during an Interview in Pediatrics
10:00 - Special Things to Consider on Negotiating
12:00 - “Red Flags” for a Traveling Pediatric Nurse
15:30 - Pillow, Socks and Pets
17:00 - Traveling with a Pet
19:30 - Books, Podcast, Blogs etc.
21:30 - Alex’s Blog
22:30 - Prep'ing for a Bikini Competition
24:30 - Talking about Diet and Macros
27:00 - What is Reverse Diet-ing?
29:30 - About Crossfit...

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Ep. 43 The First Travel Contract Negotiation and Commitment

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Show Notes Episode 43

In this episode, I go over my first contract negotiation and commitment! Learn what I did right, the difference between a verbal and written commitment, and the big mistake I made that ended up costing me over $1,400!

1:00 Timeline of a Contract Negotiation
2:00 Verbal vs Written Commitments
3:00 What is a 'Hard No?'
6:00 Knowing the Dates you Need Off
8:00 Being Timely with Signing
10:00 Asking for Contract Re-negotiation after Signing
12:00 My Biggest Mistake with this Contract
13:00 My Experience with COBRA Health Insurance
15:00 The Key Tips for Contract Negotiation

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Ep. 42 Erran Gipson: How to be a Travel IR Technologist - Must Know Interview Questions

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Show Notes Episode 42

Erran Gipson of Travel Life: Freedom in Scrubs has been a travel IR Technologist for 5+ years! He has also been the manager of several departments in charge of hiring travelers. Listen to this episode to learn his tips of getting started and Erran's top 4 questions to ask during the interview! We also cover team atmosphere, contract negotiations, and red flags. Stick around at the end for Kim and Erran's exciting resource for all travelers!
2:00 What is an Interventional Radiology?
4:00 Interventional Radiology Technologist 
6:00 Technologist or Technician? 
9:00 Dylan's Kindergarten Naps 
12:00 How long until an IR Tech can travel?
14:00 Traveling and Clinical Skills 
16:00 Stress as a Traveler 
18:00 ICU Nurse Relationships 
20:00 What to Expect on the First Day
22:00 What does Orientation look like for a Traveling IR Tech? ...
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Ep. 41 Kim Gipson: How to be a Travel Sonographer - Interview & Contract Negotiation

Show Notes Episode 41

Kim Gipson of Travel Life: Freedom in Scrubs has been a travel sonographer for 5+ years! Listen to this episode to learn her tips of getting started, how to make yourself more appealing to traveling positions, and questions to ask during the interview. We even get into the nitty-gritty of contract negotiations and red flags to know in the world of Ultrasound!
2:00 What is Sonography? 
5:00 How much experience needed to be a travel sonographers?
6:00 More Registry = More Jobs
9:00 What to Expect with Orientation 
11:00 Dylan's First Day as a Traveler
12:00 Questions to ask During the Interview
16:00 Contract Negotiation as a Sonographer
17:00 Sonographer Red Flags to Watch for 
Travelers School Affiliate Link! http://kimanderrang.com/tschool-dcallier/
Contact Kim
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Ep. 40 Kay Slane, Part 2: Home School and Family Travel with an Older Child

Show Notes Episode 40

Kay Slane has been a traveling nurse for 15 years and is a grass root of the medical travel empowering movement. She is the author of the #1 selling traveling nurse book, Highway Hypodermics. She has also founded Highway Hypodermics, an organization leading travel nurses to the best staffing agencies. Listen to this episode as we talk about home schooling, traveling as a family with an older child, options as a traveler with a family, and where to find more traveler information!

2:00 - Traveling with a 14 Year-Old
8:00 - Moving and Traveling as a Child
11:00 - Long-distance Child Relationships
16:00 - Highway Hypodermics
18:00 - Top 20 Companies with Benefits
19:00 - Kay's Early Recruiter
24:00 - Night Shift Nurse
26:00 - “We are now in the Internet-Knowledge Age”
28:00 - Flexible and Adaptable as a Traveler
29:00 - The Changes in the Past 15 Years in Medical Travel
32:00 - Kay’s Must-have's for...

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Ep. 39 Kay Slane, Part 1: Travel in an RV and TravCon, The Traveler's Conference

Show Notes Episode 39

Kay Slane has been a traveling nurse for 15 years and is a grass root of the medical travel empowering movement. She is the author of the #1 selling traveling nurse book, Highway Hypodermics. She has also founded Highway Hypodermics, an organization leading travel nurses to the best staffing agencies. Listen to this episode as we talk about the differences between mobile housing, the prices of each, and TravCon - The Traveler's Conference!

2:00 - Kay Slane's Travel Story in the 90's
5:00 - RV Travel and Home School
8:00 - Making Travel Work for Your Family
11:00 - Buying used vs new RVs
16:00 - RV, Fifth Wheel, and Motor Mobile Homes Price Ranges
20:00 - MTV Cribs and Pimp My Ride?
24:00 - TravCon (Traveler's Conference) Phil Light and Joseph Smith
26:00 - The 2008 Economy
31:00 - "Newbie or Old Bee, We Cater to You!"
33:00 - TravCon Registration Link: https://travelersconference.com/registration/
35:00 - 6 Hours of Volunteering at TravCon to go for...

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Ep. 38 Dr. Kaleigh Cole: Should New Grads Travel? Traveling for Professional Growth

Show Notes Episode 38

Dr. Kaleigh Cole of New Grad Travel Therapy is a physical therapist that travels for professional development. Listen to this episode for how she chooses her contract positions, the clinical skills she has earned in 3 years, and her message to traveling new graduates!

1:00 - Kaleigh’s Travel PT Story
5:00 - Choosing Positions
8:00 - Years of Traveling
9:00 - Professional Growth
10:00 - “Follow your Intuition”
13:00 - Traveling as a New Grad and the Motivation
17:00 - Maternity, FMLA, Seasonal and Military Leaves
18:00 - “People Like to Help People” & Seeking Advices to Mentors
21:00 - Skills, Growth, Worth and Value
24:00 - Negative Experiences
26:00 - Kaleigh’s Advice to Students and Working PT’s

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/827438017366028/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NGTravelTherapy


[email protected]

Podcast: ...

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Ep. 37 Dr.'s Geena and Garrett Cesca: Paying $70,000 of Student Debt in 10 months as Travel Physical Therapists

Show Notes Episode 37

Dr.'s Geena and Garrett Cesca are traveling physical therapy spouses. After working a permanent job for two years, the emotional toll and realization that they were not paying-off their student debt was impacting their livelihood. They needed change and began their journey as medical travelers. Now, in just 10 months, they have paid off more than $70,000 in student debt! Listen to this episode to learn how they did it.

1:00 - Journey of Garrett and Geena
3:00 - Garrett and Geena’s Student Debt
6:00 - Talking about Student Debt
11:00 - Garrett’s Repayment Plan for Student Debt
12:30 - “How can I pay these?”
14:00 - The Power of Two
15:00 - Refinancing
17:30 - Reasons to Travel
18:30 - Travel Stories
22:00 - “Best things we’ve Learned…”
24:30 - Couldn't Travel Without It…
27:00 - Podcasts and Harry Potter Stuff
29:00 - Surprising Challenges
30:30 - Advice for aspiring and current Traveling PT’s
33:00 -...

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Ep. 36 The 5 Things You Need For Your First Big Road Trip as a New Traveler

Show Notes Episode 36

In this Episode, I cover the 5 things needed to get through a 36 hour road trip. From keeping sane, to having extra space when packing, and how to avoid driving an hour in the wrong direction.


2:00 - Waze https://www.waze.com/

4:00 - Spotify https://www.spotify.com/

5:00 - Audible https://audible.com/

6:00 - OverDrive https://overdrive.com/

8:00 - Space Bags http://amzn.to/2Eemnhq

9:00 - Car Clothes Hanger http://amzn.to/2DVSMKa


New Medical Nomads Podcast Podcast: www.newmedicalnomads.com/p/podcast
Safe community for medical traveling questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newmedicalnomads/
Page for the latest episodes: https://www.facebook.com/NMNPodcast/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6611EoYBQx3u_b18T5CJMA
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/.../new-medical.../id1265522986...

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Ep. 35 Sarah Wragge: Work as a Travel Nurse in Australia

Show Notes Episode 35

Sarah Wragge is the Founder of Nurse in Australia. A company that solves the headache of becoming an international - traveling nurse in Australia. Listen here to discover how to submit timely applications, avoid unnecessary payments, and how Australian travel nursing differs from the United States.

1:00 - About Sarah
5:00 - Typical Contract for An Australian Nurse
8:00 - Day to Day Nurse Contract Work in Aussie
12:00 - "What is A.H.P.R.A?" and licenses needed
15:00 - Paper Work before working in Aussie
20:00 - More A.H.P.R.A License
24:00 - Requirements and Cost as a Nurse in Australia
27:00 - House for Nurse in Aussie
29:00 - Areas with the Most Contracts in Australia
34:00 - Big Cities for Aspiring Nurses in Australia
36:00 - Issues that might Delay Working in Aussie
39:00 - Awesome Destinations in Aussie
41:00 - Sarah’s Travel Stories
43:00 - Hostels and “Wolf Creek”
46:00 - Dylan’s Trip to Utah
49:00 - Funny Pronunciations...

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