Ep. 50 Dr. Ali Jaffery: World Travels and Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

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Show Notes Episode 50
Dr. Ali Jaffery is a travel PT that began in his 30's. Originally born in Pakistan, and after living his early career to support his family, he made the jump and traveled to South America and Antartica. Now, he has visited all 7 continents and works in the United States to fund his adventures. Listen to this episode for Dr. Ali's amazing world travels, the mantra he lives by, and a discussion about personal growth that lives outside of the comfort zone.
1:00 Dr. Ali's travel journey 
4:00 "Make every day special, in some special way." 
6:00 Traveling to all 7 continents 
9:00 Ali's favorite South America story
10:00 Antarctica 
13:00 Extroverts vs Introverts 
18:00 Travel Fo Cheap!
20:00 Vagabonding by Rolf Potts https://amzn.to/2K1tqO0
22:00 Ted Talk by Stefan Sagmeister https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNuOmTQdFjA
23:00 A Global Network ...
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Ep. 49 Jaime Campos: How to be Good AirBnB Host and Living with Strangers

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Show Notes Episode 50

Jaime Campos is an AirBnB host in the East Bay area. In this episode, we talk about what it is like to rent out a room in your own home. Listen as we discuss: what makes a good AirBnB host; what makes a good Guest; sharing cultures; and learning about Tequila and wine! 
2:00 Jaime's background 
4:00 The fear of becoming an AirBnB Host
6:00 Maintaining relationships with your guests 
8:00 Messaging on the AirBnB App
10:00 Connecting with your housemates
12:00 House Rules
14:00 AirBnB Disputes 
19:00 "Tasting the Mexican Flag"
20:00 A history of Tequila 
22:00 How to correctly drink wine 
26:00 Disney's Coco: https://youtu.be/Rvr68u6k5sI
28:00 Dia de los Muertos 
29:00 James Bond parade scene: https://youtu.be/cbqv1kbsNUY
30:00 Arroz con Leche 
Podcast: www.newmedicalnomads.com/p/podcast
Safe community for medical traveling...
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Ep. 48: Harry Potter and Medical Travel - Anti-Fragile

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Show Notes Episode 48

In this episode, I talk about what gives muggles magical powers... Being anti-fragile. Listen to me nerd out and discuss how we evolve as travelers in the face of adversity and hardship. Click the play button if you're into chocolate frogs, pheonix's, and The Sword of Gryffindor!

1:00 Pottermore House Quiz: https://www.pottermore.com/
4:00 Anti-Fragile: https://amzn.to/2MeTVNm 
5:00 The Chocolate Frog: Fragile
7:00 The Phoenix: Resilient 
8:00 The personalities of travelers 
9:00 The Sword of Gryffindor: Anti-Fragile
10:00 Bone and Stressors 
Safe community for medical traveling questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newme...
Page for the latest episodes: https://www.facebook.com/NMNPodcast/
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Ep. 47 Phil Light: PAN Travelers - The Association & Voice of ALL Healthcare Travelers

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Show Notes Episode 47

Phil Light is an original influencer and pioneer of medical travel education and advocacy. He is the President of Professional Association of Nurse Travelers (PAN Travelers) and Founder of The Travelers' Conference (TravCon). Listen to this episode for: cheap legal assistance for contract disputes; current challenges that the industry faces; and what Phil believes every traveler should know!
1:00 Phil's Travel Story
2:00 Why did you decide to become an influencer? 
3:00 TNT Travel Nurses & Therapists Forum: http://forums.delphiforums.com/travelnurses
5:00 The beginning of TravCon 
8:00 PAN-Travelers: The association for ALL medical travelers 
12:00 The big mission of education and advocacy
15:00 The benefits of a PAN-Travelers membership 
21:00 Challenges of the travelers' association 
25:00 Phil's favorite travel stories
27:00 "Life...
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Ep. 46: The Top 3 Things to Know About AirBnB as a Traveler

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Show Notes Episode 46

AirBnB is quickly becoming one of the top options for finding housing. These are the top 3 things I learned when using AirBnB!

In this 15 minute episode, I cover: how to choose housemates, ways to find cheaper housing, and what happens if your contract cancels early?
1:00 The most stressful part of the travel game
4:00 AirBnB Pricing 
5:00 The secret to using AirBnB 
10:00 Cheapest options
12:00 Housing cancellation policies
Podcast: www.newmedicalnomads.com/p/podcast

Safe community for medical traveling questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newmedicalnomads/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6611EoYBQx3u_b18T5CJMA

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com /.../new-medical.../id1265522986... 

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Ep. 45 Dr. Russell Sadang: Travel Photography for Beginners

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Show Notes Episode 45

Dr. Russ Sadang @adventuruss_pt is a traveling physical therapist that is highly skilled with the camera! In this episode, we cover photography ranging from a cell phone to professional cameras. Listen to his travel journey and tips/apps for better photos and memories!

3:00 - Weekend Travel Destinations
5:30 - Couch Surfing... Professional?
8:00 - Photography and Why It Matters
11:30 - Cameras
13:00 - Photography Tips & Tricks
15:00 - “Rule of Thirds”
18:00 - How to Take a Picture of the Moon
20:00 - Things to AVOID in Taking Photos
22:00 - Transferring photos from Cameras
24:30 - Photography Videos
26:30 - Instagram Photography Influencers
29:00 - Russ' Must-Have for Travel
32:00 - Things Learned while Working & Traveling
36:00 - Fun and Adventure in Hiking
40:00 - Travel Reimbursements

Russell Sadang -
Email - [email protected]
Instagram - ...

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Ep. 44 Alex McCoy: Pediatric Travel Nurse Specifics and Fitness on the Road

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Show Notes Episode 44

Alex McCoy of Fit Travel Life is a traveling pediatric nurse with a passion for fitness! In this episode we cover the need-to-know info for a travel pediatric nurse! Listen to the specifics of interviewing, negotiating, and red flags. We also cover Alex's fitness journey and tips on staying strong and healthy on the road!

3:12 - Work Shift as a Pediatric Nurse
5:00 - Experience Needed before Pediatric Travel Nursing
6:00 - Typical Orientation of a Ped's Nurse
7:30 - Biggest Things to ask during an Interview in Pediatrics
10:00 - Special Things to Consider on Negotiating
12:00 - “Red Flags” for a Traveling Pediatric Nurse
15:30 - Pillow, Socks and Pets
17:00 - Traveling with a Pet
19:30 - Books, Podcast, Blogs etc.
21:30 - Alex’s Blog
22:30 - Prep'ing for a Bikini Competition
24:30 - Talking about Diet and Macros
27:00 - What is Reverse Diet-ing?
29:30 - About Crossfit...

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Ep. 43 The First Travel Contract Negotiation and Commitment

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Show Notes Episode 43

In this episode, I go over my first contract negotiation and commitment! Learn what I did right, the difference between a verbal and written commitment, and the big mistake I made that ended up costing me over $1,400!

1:00 Timeline of a Contract Negotiation
2:00 Verbal vs Written Commitments
3:00 What is a 'Hard No?'
6:00 Knowing the Dates you Need Off
8:00 Being Timely with Signing
10:00 Asking for Contract Re-negotiation after Signing
12:00 My Biggest Mistake with this Contract
13:00 My Experience with COBRA Health Insurance
15:00 The Key Tips for Contract Negotiation

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Ep. 42 Erran Gipson: How to be a Travel IR Technologist - Must Know Interview Questions

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Show Notes Episode 42

Erran Gipson of Travel Life: Freedom in Scrubs has been a travel IR Technologist for 5+ years! He has also been the manager of several departments in charge of hiring travelers. Listen to this episode to learn his tips of getting started and Erran's top 4 questions to ask during the interview! We also cover team atmosphere, contract negotiations, and red flags. Stick around at the end for Kim and Erran's exciting resource for all travelers!
2:00 What is an Interventional Radiology?
4:00 Interventional Radiology Technologist 
6:00 Technologist or Technician? 
9:00 Dylan's Kindergarten Naps 
12:00 How long until an IR Tech can travel?
14:00 Traveling and Clinical Skills 
16:00 Stress as a Traveler 
18:00 ICU Nurse Relationships 
20:00 What to Expect on the First Day
22:00 What does Orientation look like for a Traveling IR Tech? ...
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Ep. 41 Kim Gipson: How to be a Travel Sonographer - Interview & Contract Negotiation

Show Notes Episode 41

Kim Gipson of Travel Life: Freedom in Scrubs has been a travel sonographer for 5+ years! Listen to this episode to learn her tips of getting started, how to make yourself more appealing to traveling positions, and questions to ask during the interview. We even get into the nitty-gritty of contract negotiations and red flags to know in the world of Ultrasound!
2:00 What is Sonography? 
5:00 How much experience needed to be a travel sonographers?
6:00 More Registry = More Jobs
9:00 What to Expect with Orientation 
11:00 Dylan's First Day as a Traveler
12:00 Questions to ask During the Interview
16:00 Contract Negotiation as a Sonographer
17:00 Sonographer Red Flags to Watch for 
Travelers School Affiliate Link! http://kimanderrang.com/tschool-dcallier/
Contact Kim
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