Ep. 59 Dr. Alex Engar: Travel Hacking and Credit Card Points

Dr. Alex Engar is a physical therapist that uses travel hacking for free trips for his family! It isn’t for everyone though… and we get to learn from Alex’s trials and errors. In this episode, find out what credit card points are, how to utilize them, and gain free perks for your adventures without additional spending!


2:30 Credit Cards, Utilizing 2% Cashback,  Managing Tuition

4:50 Additional Cashback Uses

5:50 Other Rewards/Bonuses/Flyer Points

7:10 Credit Card System

10:00 Responsible Spending and Tracking

12:15 Using Multiple Credit Cards

13:15 Credit Score Boosting Hack

15:15 Alex’s “Wish I'd Known”

17:00 Mint: www.mint.com

21:40 Book: The One Thing https://www.amazon.com/ONE-Thing-Surprisingly-Extraordinary-Results/dp/1885167776/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1534101891&sr=8-2&keywords=one+book

22:00 Recommended Websites:

The Points Guy - www.thepointsguy.com

Doctor of Credit - https://www.doctorofcredit.com/


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Ep. 58 Joseph Smith of TravelTax: Taxes, Reimbursements, and Avoiding the Scary Audits

Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan


This episode features Joseph Smith, founder and president of TravelTax. Joseph is well-known throughout the travel community for his experience in tax preparation, planning and audit representation for the traveling professional. In this episode we discuss tax cuts, tax reimbursements, dreaded audits, and independent contracting.

3:15- How It All Started (TravelTax)

5:15- TravCon


7:10- Gypsy Nurse

10:00- Tax Free Reimbursement

11:50- Types of IRS Audits

14:00- State Audits

17:05- What Is A Tax Home?


20:30- Joseph’s Blog


21:00- Three Rules for A...

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Paul Gough: From World-Wide Travel to World-Wide Speaker

Paul Gough is a physiotherapist from England. After traveling with professional futbol team's, he then started his own business earning $1 million + in revenue. Now, Paul is a world wide speaker on business and a serial book author. In this episode, listen to how his travels influenced him to take the next step and become a person he "never would have guessed in a million years!"
1:00 Paul Gough's Story
2:00 Our 'Vice'
3:00 Certified Summer Chaser
4:00 Leveraging Time for Money
6:00 The Trade-off of Travel
7:00 "You haven't been to Spain"
9:00 Paul's favorite travel story 
12:00 The Power of Persuasion 
13:00 The Biggest Regret 
Contact Paul Gough:
Paul Gough's Book:
Safe community for medical traveling questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newme...
Page for the latest episodes: https://www.facebook.com/NMNPodcast/
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Ep. 57 The Secret to Skipping Airport Lines: TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry

In this episode, I talk about the magnificent time saver know as Global Entry. Learn how fast you can earn TSA Pre-Check status, the steps to apply for global entry, why my card photo was ruined, and my tips for you to earn the "fast pass" sooner!
Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan
2:00 What is TSA pre-check and Global Entry?
4:00 Trusted Travelers Program: https://ttp.cbp.dhs.gov/
7:00 Planning the Interview 
8:30 The 3 things you need for Global Entry
10:00 Dylan's rainy day before the interview
12:00 "The interview really isn't an interview"
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Ep. 56 Josh Hargrove: Personal Safety on the Road

Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan
Meet Josh, my longest friend that has multiple years of experience being a police officer. In this episode, we have a discussion of personal safety and addressing the unique challenges that comes with being a nomad. Listen as we talk about: vehicle safety, red flags when moving into a new area, being aware, and conceal/carry laws.
2:00 Safety Tips
2:30 Trulia: https://www.trulia.com/ 
5:00 Being Prepared 
8:00 Being aware of your surroundings
15:00 Vehicle Safety Features 
19:00 A discussion on alcohol 
24:00 Conceal, carry and travel
27:00 Women and Firearms 
33:00 Weapon proficiency
35:00 Conceal and Carry Phone App: https://concealedcarryapp.com/ 
36:00 Be Safe App: https://getbsafe.com/ 
38:00 Safe-let App: http://safelet.com/us/
39:00 Noon Light App: https://noonlight.com/
42:00 Video Doorbells 
43:00 Lock-Boxes 
45:00 Recording...
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Ep. 55 Thomas Piper of Scrub Squad 1978: Traveling Surgical Trauma Nurse and Autism Research

Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan
Thomas Piper of Scrub Squad 1978 has been a traveling nurse for 4 years. Join us as we talk about his experiences as a surgical trauma nurse, TravCon, and operating a donation blog/website... All while balancing travels and family time with his wife and daughter! In this episode, learn: questions to ask during the interview, red flags as a surgical trauma nurse, and Thomas' inspiration for donating to research for autism!
2:00 Traveling away from the wife and daughter
4:00 Experiences of working during a strike 
6:00 Surgical Trauma Nursing
8:00 Experience needed to be a traveling surgical trauma nurse 
9:00 What to expect for orientation
11:00 Questions to ask during the interview
12:00 Nomadicare: www.nomadicare.com/dylan 
13:00 The Travelers' Conference (website)
14:00 Red flags as a surgical trauma nurse 
16:00 So many options for companies! 
19:00 Dropbox and...
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Ep. 54: What Travel Nurses and Therapists Should Know After Visiting Four Medical Staffing Agencies

Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan

After visiting 4 medical staffing agencies, I was flooded with a wealth of new information! This episode is a summary of that visit of my top take aways. 
1:00 Omaha, Nebraska
1:30 Laura of Nomadicare http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan
2:00 The start-up stories 
3:00 The players in the medical staffing game
4:00 The stressful jobs of recruiters 
6:00 The different feels of staffing agencies
Safe community for medical traveling questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newme...
Youtube Channel: ...
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Ep. 53 How much does a traveling physical therapist make? Permanent Salary vs Travel Pay

Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan
*This video only uses State Taxes for Simplistic Calculation*
In this episode, I provide complete transparency of my personal finances as we dive into the nitty-gritty of pay. Comparing my salary as a new graduate in a permanent position and the following three travel contracts. Listen to this case study to discover the earning potential for a new traveling physical therapist!
1:00 Permanent Salary and State Tax
5:00 Travel PT Contracts and State Tax
10:00 37 weeks vs 50 weeks
Safe community for medical traveling questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newme...
Page for the latest episodes: https://www.facebook.com/NMNPodcast/
Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! ...
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Ep. 52 Lessons Learned After 1 Year of Travel Podcasting: Interviewed by Laura of Nomadicare

Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan
In this annual edition of the show, Laura of Nomadicare helps me celebrate 1 year of the New Medical Nomads Podcast! As Laura interviews me, listen to what I have learned in the past year for: travel, habits, favorite stories and my message to all those new to traveling and on the fence of making the jump!
2:00 Dylan's travel roots 
5:00 Habits and Consistency 
10:00 "You're going to mess something up."
11:00 Making friends is easy!
13:00 Favorite Travel Stories
14:00 SkyScraper Bar in Chicago, IL https://www.signatureroom.com/
15:00 Sloss Factory in Birmingham, AL https://www.slossfurnaces.com/
19:00 What does 'home' mean to you?
21:00 "What problem do you want?"
23:00 Developing systems 
32:00 The Freedom of Location 
Podcast: ...
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Ep. 51: The Biggest Fear for a Traveler

Get 3 Vetted Recruiters for Free! http://www.nomadicare.com/dylan
Ish gets real in this 10 minute episode!
There are tons of fears that flood our emotions as a medical traveler... In this episode, you will learn the ultimate fear. The biggest barrier for us to leave our homes and in a strange twist, the same fear that drives us to be a nomad.
1:00 The ultimate fear for travelers
3:00 Milestones
5:00 The Ultimate reality
7:00 FOMO

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