Ep. 69: Pros and Cons of Travel Therapy-Travel Blogger Series

Today's episode is the second of my travel blogger series during my time traveling Thailand and Bali. Today we are discussing Julia Kuhn's blog, The Pros and Cons of Travel Therapy on her website thetravelingtraveler.com


3:15- Pros and Cons of Traveling Therapy

3:50- Finding a Job/Relocation

4:40- Being in an Undesirable Building/Location

5:30- High Productivity Demands

6:05- Uncertainty of Work

7:55- Contract Cancelling

9:15- Being Away From Home

10:05- The Unknown

13:45- Money

16:05- Flexibility

17:10- Travel the Country

18:50- Switch Facilities and Buildings

20:00-Professional Development

21:10- Adventure

21:50- Friends Across the Country

22:00- Discover Yourself and Your Independence

25:55-  thetravelingtraveler.com 


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