Ep. 44 Alex McCoy: Pediatric Travel Nurse Specifics and Fitness on the Road

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Show Notes Episode 44

Alex McCoy of Fit Travel Life is a traveling pediatric nurse with a passion for fitness! In this episode we cover the need-to-know info for a travel pediatric nurse! Listen to the specifics of interviewing, negotiating, and red flags. We also cover Alex's fitness journey and tips on staying strong and healthy on the road!

3:12 - Work Shift as a Pediatric Nurse
5:00 - Experience Needed before Pediatric Travel Nursing
6:00 - Typical Orientation of a Ped's Nurse
7:30 - Biggest Things to ask during an Interview in Pediatrics
10:00 - Special Things to Consider on Negotiating
12:00 - “Red Flags” for a Traveling Pediatric Nurse
15:30 - Pillow, Socks and Pets
17:00 - Traveling with a Pet
19:30 - Books, Podcast, Blogs etc.
21:30 - Alex’s Blog
22:30 - Prep'ing for a Bikini Competition
24:30 - Talking about Diet and Macros
27:00 - What is Reverse Diet-ing?
29:30 - About Crossfit
34:30 - Night Shift Cycle
41:00 - Challenges during Traveling
47:00 - Alex's Favorite Travel Story

Alex McCoy
Fit Travel Life FB Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/FitTravelLife/?ref=br_rs
Fit Gypsy Life Blog - http://fitgypsylife.com/
Traveler Talk Blog - https://travelertalk.org

Blogs and Book:
PALEOMG by Juli Bauer - http://paleomg.com/
Whole30 by Melissa Hartwig - https://whole30.com
Biolayne by Dr. Layne Norton- https://www.biolayne.com/
Sohee Fit by Sohee Li - http://soheefit.com/

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