Ep. 41 Kim Gipson: How to be a Travel Sonographer - Interview & Contract Negotiation

Show Notes Episode 41

Kim Gipson of Travel Life: Freedom in Scrubs has been a travel sonographer for 5+ years! Listen to this episode to learn her tips of getting started, how to make yourself more appealing to traveling positions, and questions to ask during the interview. We even get into the nitty-gritty of contract negotiations and red flags to know in the world of Ultrasound!
2:00 What is Sonography? 
5:00 How much experience needed to be a travel sonographers?
6:00 More Registry = More Jobs
9:00 What to Expect with Orientation 
11:00 Dylan's First Day as a Traveler
12:00 Questions to ask During the Interview
16:00 Contract Negotiation as a Sonographer
17:00 Sonographer Red Flags to Watch for 
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