Ep. 38 Dr. Kaleigh Cole: Should New Grads Travel? Traveling for Professional Growth

Show Notes Episode 38

Dr. Kaleigh Cole of New Grad Travel Therapy is a physical therapist that travels for professional development. Listen to this episode for how she chooses her contract positions, the clinical skills she has earned in 3 years, and her message to traveling new graduates!

1:00 - Kaleigh’s Travel PT Story
5:00 - Choosing Positions
8:00 - Years of Traveling
9:00 - Professional Growth
10:00 - “Follow your Intuition”
13:00 - Traveling as a New Grad and the Motivation
17:00 - Maternity, FMLA, Seasonal and Military Leaves
18:00 - “People Like to Help People” & Seeking Advices to Mentors
21:00 - Skills, Growth, Worth and Value
24:00 - Negative Experiences
26:00 - Kaleigh’s Advice to Students and Working PT’s

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