Ep. 35 Sarah Wragge: Work as a Travel Nurse in Australia

Show Notes Episode 35

Sarah Wragge is the Founder of Nurse in Australia. A company that solves the headache of becoming an international - traveling nurse in Australia. Listen here to discover how to submit timely applications, avoid unnecessary payments, and how Australian travel nursing differs from the United States.

1:00 - About Sarah
5:00 - Typical Contract for An Australian Nurse
8:00 - Day to Day Nurse Contract Work in Aussie
12:00 - "What is A.H.P.R.A?" and licenses needed
15:00 - Paper Work before working in Aussie
20:00 - More A.H.P.R.A License
24:00 - Requirements and Cost as a Nurse in Australia
27:00 - House for Nurse in Aussie
29:00 - Areas with the Most Contracts in Australia
34:00 - Big Cities for Aspiring Nurses in Australia
36:00 - Issues that might Delay Working in Aussie
39:00 - Awesome Destinations in Aussie
41:00 - Sarah’s Travel Stories
43:00 - Hostels and “Wolf Creek”
46:00 - Dylan’s Trip to Utah
49:00 - Funny Pronunciations in US vs Australia

Contact Sarah:
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/nurseinaus/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nurseinaustralia/
Website: http://nurseinaustralia.com.au/

AHPRA Website:

Housing Apps and Websites

Movie Referenced
“Wolf Creek (2005)” Horror Movie Trailer:

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